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Cycling & Walking Trails

Disclaimer: Cycling by its nature is dangerous and accidents can occur to participants – cyclists are advised to consider their fitness level, maintain their equipment, and obey the rules of the road. A cycling proficiency course is advised. To assist all road users, participants should ensure they wear a helmet and other protective/reflective clothing as deemed necessary.

Main Street Cycle – Easy (2.0 kms)

Starting at Carberry Park, check out the “Dad, Dave, Mum and Mabel” statue. Begin to cycle up the left hand side of Sheridan Street. You will be able to stop and look at things such as “The Great Rescue of 1852” sculpture, the Old National Australia Bank, ‘‘Wahroonga’’, and the Gundagai Court House. Continue all the way to the end of Sheridan Street to the Cenotaph. See if you can find anyone listed on the marble work that you know or may be related to. Once at the Cenotaph, cycle down to the Bridge lookout, to take a glimpse at Gundagai’s Historic Bridges. Head down Sheridan Lane and you will pass 80 Sheridan Street, where Frank Rusconi’s completed his Masterpiece and the Old Mill (the only remaining building from the 1852 flood). When you come to the ‘T’ intersection, across the road on your left will be the Flood Pole that outlines all the major floods in Gundagai History. From here you go up a slight rise up Homer Street and turn left back onto Sheridan Street. On your left hand side you will see buildings such as the ‘Surrey’, Niagara Café and the Gundagai Bakery. Click the link to find our interactive map: Main Street Cycle

North Common – Easy (unlimited kms)

Starting at the ramp entrance to the common, you can follow the driving tracks all around the area, through the cattle and windy roads, stopping and walking down onto the Murrumbidgee River and driving right under the Old Historic Bridges. Click the link to find our interactive map: North Common

Asparagus Road Loop – Moderate (7.0 kms)

Starting at the Gundagai Visitor Information Centre check out Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece and head up the Sheridan Street. Turn right onto Otway St and flow the path across the road. Cross the small concrete bridge leading to Yarri Park. Follow the path around our gorgeous Morely’s Creek. Cross the road to O.I Bell Drive towards the Old Bridges of Gundagai. Follow the road under out glorious bridges and turn left taking and off road track across our Common. You will find a bridge crossing Morely’s Creek and follow it along to the main road (the end of Sheridan St). The continuous road changes names as it turns along the windy flat, but stay on the main drag (the roads are Sheridan St, Ovid St, Punch St, Dodd St and Ann St). When you get to the end of Ann St, you will turn right onto Charlotte St and then soon a left onto Williams St. Along Williams St, you will first pass the Gundagai Cattle Yards and then cycle in between the two North Side cemeteries (one North & Lawn), where in the “North Cemetery”, you will find the Historic Bushrangers Grave of Captain Moonlite. Once finished at the Cemetery, you will continue down Williams St and turn left up onto West St at the corner of the “Gundagai Public School”. There will be a slight incline then decline along West St. Follow West Street all the way down until the return at the Gundagai Visitor Information Centre. Click the link to find our interactive map: Asparagus Road Loop

Mount Parnassus Lookout – Difficult (2.2kms)

To start this cycling track, you will start on the corner of West & Hanley St near “Gundagai Mechanical Repairs”. You will then continue upwards on Hanley St, past Jack Moses St until you reach the summit. There is a couple of tables and chairs where you can sit and relax after the steep hike up the hill. Afterwards you continue down Mount Parnassus Drive in the opposite direction you came from. You continue on Hanley St,the road changes name to Nurse Murray St and follow it down the hill until you reach West St where you turn left onto the main drag. You continue down here until you get back to “Gundagai Mechanical Repairs”. Click the link to find our interactive map: Mount Parnassus Lookout

South Gundagai Lookout – Difficult (2.9 kms)

Starting along Mount St at either “The Old Bridge Inn” or “The Star Hotel, commence along Mount St until you come to Luke St on your right hand side. Turn up onto Luke St, where you continue past the “South Gundagai Public School” all the way to the top of hill to the South Gundagai Rotary Lookout. Once you’re at the summit, take in the beautiful views of Gundagai and surrounding scenic views. Once finished admiring the view, continue down the summit and turn right onto Eagle St and follow the road to Tumut St and turn left back towards the Old Bridge Inn. Click the link to find our interactive map: South Gundagai Lookout